Saturday, January 31, 2015

Maddie Jumps into January

January has been an exciting month for Maddie and surprisingly, Link is finally warming up to his sister.  Link has been standoffish and uninterested in Maddie since we adopted her and now he is willing to play with her occasionally and does not always run away when she gets close.  He will still hit Maddie for no reason and try to bully her away from her food dish. However, she holds her own and shows him more love than I could.

When the weather permits, we open the glass doors and let the trio explore the backyard.  Lately, Maddie has become more curious about her surrounds.  As you may remember, she climbed into our neighbor's yard a few months ago and it was not a pleasant experience.  This month, she discovered a fence on the other side of the yard.

Maddie climbed the fence while I wasn't looking.

She was nervous at first but soon gained her courage.

I could not believe how easily she was moving around on the fence.

It was at this point that I realized Maddie was really going to go over the fence.  

So of course, I snapped one last picture! 

It took me a good bit of time to get Maddie out of the neighbor's yard because she was fascinated by his plants.  Maddie was only willing to come home after she smelled and tasted his plants.  Since this day, Maddie tries to visit our neighbor's yard almost every time she goes outside!

See you next month!

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