Friday, October 31, 2014

New Friends for Maddie

Maddie has enjoyed another fun month in our home.  Each day she becomes more comfortable with her surroundings and she is always happy to welcome new guests.  This October she has met several new friends!

Sibling Update

Link has been slow to warm up to Maddie, often hissing and running whenever his sister attempts to get near.  However, this month we have noticed the two sleeping closer and wrestling in the living room.  Maddie adores Link, and I believe he is finally starting to realize she is not as scary as he once thought.

Maddie Meets a Baby

Maddie's first encounter with our friend's two-month-old baby was quite comical.  As you can see from the pictures, we were very careful about keeping Maddie's claws away from him but she was still able to smell and listen to him.  Before we adopted Maddie, she had given birth to a litter of 6, so I think some of her mothering instinct returned because she was extremely curious about the baby.

Maddie and Callie

Our next door neighbor, the one that saved Maddie from his backyard last month, has a sweet calico named Callie.  The other day, Callie climbed into our yard and after some apprehension, the two girls became friends.  Callie now regularly visits our yard, and I have a feeling she might be sweet on Link.

Happy Halloween!