Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Maddie's New Adventure

First Time Outside

My husband and I were dedicated to keeping our cats inside until the day Link darted outside.  Since then, we allow the cats to occasionally join us when we are spending time in our backyard.  In July, Maddie discovered that Link would disappear whenever the glass doors would open.  After a few weeks, she decided to follow her brother.

Once outside, Maddie would walk around the porch and listen to Link chase lizards.  Eventually, Maddie began to explore ways to leave the deck.  That was when my husband decided to teach her how to use the stairs.  

Now, Maddie is comfortable with our backyard and has successfully climbed our six-foot fence once. After she had reached our neighbor yard, Maddie became very frightened and called out for help. My husband and I encouraged her to climb back ; however, she was confused by the new environment. Thankfully our neighbor was home and provided Maddie with a lift over the fence. After the ordeal, She received several snuggles and kisses from me and Seven.