Friday, August 8, 2014

Maddie's Summer Fun!

Maddie is having a wonderful summer and July has been packed full with new adventures.  Here are a few things that she has been up to:

New Manicure

Maddie loves to play with her brothers but, they hated to play with her.  One night Link was sitting on my husband's lap when Maddie ran over and swiped at Link.  My husband blocked her hit with his arm and noticed that Maddie uses her claws more when she is playing with her brothers than she does with us.  Luckily, we were introduced to Soft Claws, individual nail covers that allow Maddie to continue using her claws without hurting the boys or us.  At first my husband chose the clear covers in the size small.  Within a few hours, Maddie had removed the majority of the covers.  After applying several sets, we decided to order medium covers.  My husband surprised me with pink ones!  I just adore the way they look on her!  Since applying them last week, Maddie has only removed two and her brothers are more willing to play with her.

Best Friends Forever 

Maddie has finally won Seven's heart.  It is adorable to watch the duo wrestling around the floor and cleaning one another's ears.  You can find them sleeping next to one-another, following each other around, and even sharing attention from their humans.  Seven has also been shy around new people and now, with Maddie's encouragement, he has become braver.  Additionally, Maddie has taught Seven new fight moves that he can use in his fights with Link.  Speaking of Link, he has started to warm up to Maddie as well.  Even though Maddie and Link are not best friends yet, Link will occasionally wrestle with his sister.  

Meeting Her Uncles 

Last weekend, my husband's younger brothers spent the night with us.  Maddie adored having the twin boys to play and cuddle with.  My heart melted when I woke up to find that Maddie had slept with them all night. 


Maddie has discovered her new favorite hobby, yoga!  The minute I roll out my mat, she always jumps on and attempts to practice with me.

Her favorite pose was Downward-Facing Dog and, as you can see, she thinks that her claws were an important part of the pose. 

See you next month!