Thursday, July 10, 2014

Happy Birthday, Maddie!

Yesterday, July 9th, was Maddie's 2nd birthday!  She has been such a blessing this past month and I am so happy that God brought her into our lives.  Now that our house has become her home, she is even more affectionate than I first thought.  Maddie loves to follow my husband and I around the house, sit at our feet while we cook, and cuddle on my lap during movie night.  Additionally, she greets all of our visitors with open paws and hasn't met a human she dislikes.  Recently, Maddie has taken on a mothering role with her brothers, Link and Seven.  Throughout the month of June, my husband and I learned more about how to train and play with Maddie.  Here are some specific updates on what Maddie was up to during the month of June.

The Whole Gang 

As you may remember from last week's post, her brothers, Link and Seven, were less than welcoming when Maddie moved in.  However, only one month later, Link and Seven are almost completely adjusted.  The boys still fight with their sister often, usually just batting and hissing on both sides.  As you can see, Seven and Maddie are starting to become friends.  The duo have been found playing with one-another and cuddling.  Maddie tries at least once a day to befriend Link; however, he has more of a stand-offish personality even with me.  Nonetheless, almost every time she is near one of her brothers, she tries to show them love or clean them.  I love that Maddie has such a large heart and she is never afraid to love.

Getting Around

My husband only helped Maddie down the stairs once and now she is a professional! 

These crinkle toys can be found at Target for only $2 for a pack of 4 balls.

Can you spot Seven hiding under the stools? 

Happy Independence Day!

Maddie enjoyed her first 4th of July celebration with us!  She received a lot of attention from our guests and even attempted to steal a hamburger with her brothers.  The neighbor's fireworks made her nervous, but she was very brave.

Thank you and see you next month!