Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Meet Maddie

This is Madison Kate, a sweet, tiny, and inquisitive female cat who loves everything and everyone.  Maddie was born without eyeballs and taught herself to complete daily tasks using her four other senses.  For example, after only a few hours in her new home, she had memorized the layout of our living room and located her food and litter box.  Maddie loves to be near people and animals.  During her first evening with us, Maddie snuggled with my husband and me on the couch; later, she slept on my back most of the night.

Our Boys

For the past year, our apartment has been home to two brothers that we found as kittens.  Link (grey with black stripes) and Seven (orange with white stripes) are playful, spoiled snuggle-bunnies who love to wrestle, catch lizards and sun-bathe.  Last year, my husband found a litter of five kittens living in bushes at a friend's apartment complex.  He fell in love immediately; after a week of careful consideration and prayer we decided to adopt two of them.

Link and Seven have become our children—I find myself worrying about their well-being more than my own.  Since they enjoy playing rough, I was very nervous about introducing them to Maddie.  However, when they first met their new sister, they were frightened of her and kept their distance.  She wants to be near her new brothers however, they are extremely skittish around Maddie.  The boys are curious about their sister and I know they will warm up to her soon.  

Love at First Sight

My husband and I went to Petsmart on Saturday afternoon to love on the animals awaiting adoption.  Because it was the weekend of Maddie's Pet Adoption Days, all of the adoption fees were covered by Maddie's Fund.  The store was full of excited humans and hopeful pets; my husband and I met several adorable animals.  On Sunday, June 1st, we set out to meet my father for lunch and decided to stop by Petsmart first to play with the animals who  were still awaiting new parents.
When I first spotted the small black cat named Panini, I was drawn to her.  She responded positively to my touch—my heart burst when I found out she was blind; but I knew that it was crazy to disrupt our secure home environment by bringing home a third pet.  
I played with her off and on for about 20 minutes before leaving for lunch.  She stayed on our minds and became the topic of conversation multiple times.  By the end of lunch, we decided that if Panini was at Petsmart when we returned, we would adopt her.  I prayed silently several times during that hour for God to show me what to do.   Upon returning to Petsmart, I was nervous she would be gone. I ran to her cage, and my heart fluttered as I saw she was still there.  Right then I heard God's voice telling me that it was going to be okay.   

Coming Home
After about an hour of filling out paper work and talking to the adoption volunteers, Panini was a member of our family.  Jeremy and my dad went to Target to pick-up a few things while I drove home to retrieve a cat carrier.  In the car alone, I wrestled with my fears.  Did I make the right decision?  What would Link and Seven think of her?  Three cats is one too many, right?  When I returned to Petsmart, the sky turned dark and rain poured down.  Emotions swirled inside me as I walked into the store.  When I came to Panini's crate, a young boy was attempting to play with her through the bars.  My first reaction was tell the boy to be super gentle because she was my baby; that’s when I knew there was no going back.  A volunteer helped me secure Panini into her cat carrier and I tried to protect her from the rain on the way to my car.  God melted my heart and my fears began to float away.

Her New Name

It was just the two of us so I placed her carrier in the front seat. To calm her fears, I talked to Panini about the route I was taking and the cars we passed.  As I told her about her adoption process, she would be meow loudly each time I mentioned the name Maddie.  After careful consideration, I decided to rename her Madison Kate, Maddie for short.  I chose Madison Kate after the prestigious Madison Avenue in New York City and one of my favorite brands, Kate Spade New York.  

Madison Avenue, New York City
Kate Spade New York on Madison Avenue

Have any questions?  I would love to answer them!